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Original title: Caisă
Director: Alexandru Mavrodineanu
Romania, 2018
Documentary, 84 min.
Production status: Released

After being betrayed by the one he forged into a boxing World Champion, veteran boxing coach Dobre devotes himself to training his new pupil, Caisă. He must live with the fear of being abandoned again…


A young man has disappeared; his sister and his girlfriend are mystified. The film accompanies two policemen as they investigate: collegial jokes, the everyday monotony of the work and, now and again, new leads. The missing person was fatally ill and yet he obviously wanted to make a mark before his departure. By any means necessary, as ultimately proves to be the case in this laconically captured psycho-drama.


Cristian Palcuie Caisă
Dumitru Dobre


Director: Alexandru Mavrodineanu
Script: Alexandru Mavrodineanu
Cinematography: Alexandru Mavrodineanu
Film Editing: Gabi Basalici, Andrada Iacobeț, Eugen Kelemen, Alexandru Mavrodineanu
Sound: Marian Bălan, Dragoș Știrbu
Music: Alexei Turcan
Produced by: Almafilm Production, Hai Hui Entertainement


Best Documentary, Romania Competition, Astra Film Festival, 2018

Best Documentary, Gopo Awards, 2019

Docudays UA International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival, 2019