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Original title: Spirál
Romanian title: Spirala
Director: Cecília Felméri
Hungary–Romania, 2020
Drama, 98 min.

Spiral is a debut film, a psychological drama, a reflection on letting go of the past and on how life and nature’s cycles are connected.

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Let the stories lead you

We’re all intimately connected by stories. Good stories, bad stories, true stories, myths and superstitions — they all have a magical power to lead us on a path to discover them and to discover ourselves in the process.

And that’s what „hai hui” is. It’s a Romanian expression that literally means to wander, to get lost. It’s about the ride more than the conclusion, it’s about letting yourself believe in the story unravelling before you, enjoying wherever it may take you.

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Our backpack

On any journey, even fictional, you can take with you tools and knowledge that will make that journey better. For us it took over two decades to fill it in with stuff we think are valuable. The good news is that wherever we go together we can share it.

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Where the stories led us. So far.


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